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They Are Getting Buffer | Harris and Dolph

sexy Bel Ami boysThe Pin Up series is something I look forward to.

Okay I’ll admit it, I am a fan of Bel Ami boys, but then, why the fuck not?

These guys are hot, plus they are far from being boring.

Way too many porn sites show the same action, in the same boring set. Least with Bel Ami you get a bit of a change, and the location shots, are to die for.  Like the African Orgy series, or some of their others.

But this about Dolph Lambert and Harris Hilton.  Hey, I do go on a bit about Bel Ami, but that is cuz I actually get off on them.  Not every set that comes along, but those are a bit rare.

Seriously, I can generally get off with virtually most of the releases, and I do have a nice DVD collection of Bel Ami classics.   Hey, they make for a nice evening of stroking, and cumming.

Now Harris is new, well okay newish, to Bel Ami, and when I first saw him, I wasn’t all that impressed by him.  I mean he was cute, good looking and hung, but then aren’t all of the Bel Ami boys?  LOL

His face was a bit chubby, but damn, he’s looking awfully lean and tasty now.

You have to admit that they both are well endowed.  I do like nice tasty uncut dicks, don’t you?


Now Dolph is another one, that never quite grabbed my attention, but damn, together with Harris, I am finding a new itch that makes me checking out the collection of pics of Dolph all over again.   Honestly, it is one of the things about Bel Ami.   I may have jerked off to a set several times already, but my mind just seems to find more interesting possibilities to enjoy.

Does kind of get me off, and isn’t that what it is supposed to do?


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