Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Such Lovely Foreskin

tasty uncut penis

I wish that other sites, featuring Uncut Cocks, would pay more attention to the foreskin.  Even my favorite Bel Ami doesn’t really show a lot of foreskin fun, before the hot sex begins.  A shame really, because part of the whole fantasy is being able to start at the beginning.

Myself, I love the way foreskin can be all wrinkled at the start, then watching your actions slowly make it stretch, or become more taut around that lovely shaft, give the old ticker a bit of a hitch.  I mean to be touching a guy, running your hand up and down his belly, along the inside of his thighs, and watching the skin move back, as the thick tube gets filled with more blood, is thrilling.

Kind of like a barometer, letting you know just what is working, what isn’t.   Don’t you think?

drooping uncut penis

pulling his foreskin

stroking his uncut cock

I do enjoy getting off, with the foreskin fun from Fantastic Foreskin, it is just, well, I rather like my guys to be twink age.  Not overly fond of the more mature guy, though some of them sure can be sexy.   Guess I just like to think of being able to attract someone who is young and hot.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these older guys are hot too, in their way.

Course the foreskin helps make it attractive for me.  Hey, it’s good compensation if the guy (irrespective of age) isn’t my ideal one.

Now Adam Morgan, doesn’t fit my criteria, but hey, I am set in my ways.  That tuft of hair under his chin, and the age thing don’t do much for me, but fuck, that foreskin sure does.  Close my eyes, and you know, I can imagine myself watching that skin get pulled and stretched all over, then drooling as it starts to come to life.  I mean when it is hard, it is still a nice penis.   Hey, I appreciate the finer things in life, like a nice uncut cock.

stroking his uncut dick


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