Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Such A Tasty Uncut Penis

uncut cock

You know, I do love a nice uncut penis, and frankly I can get off on just enjoying that beautiful piece of manhood.  However, when the person it is attached to, is drop dead gorgeous, it just makes jerking off all that much more enjoyable.   Like this lovely piece of meat, that belongs to Justin Lebeau.

For me, he is a total package.

He has a well built body, an absolutely adorable face, that matches a cute tush and delicious uncut cock.

well built twink

There are just some guys, that no matter their orientation, you just fall heads over heels in love for them.  Okay, maybe LOVE is a bit strong, but you do obsess over them, and fantasize over them being your personal sex partner.  I mean, that is really what Porn is all about, building a fantasy, to stimulate a good old fashioned jerk off session.

Guys like Justin Lebeau do that for me.

He has more than just good looks.  His whole persona, makes me horny as fuck, and listening to him speak, watching that smile, those eyes stare at me, well, you know that my hand is reaching for the Lube and the cum rag.

Not all the guys at Videoboys are uncut, but damn, they do have some nice ones.  I have to admit, Justin gets me way too hot for my own good, because I can’t stop thinking about him, in my bedroom.  LOL

And in this little episode, this guy gets to taste his own spunk, which made me smile.  I mean, come on, hasn’t all Gay guys tasted their own cum, at some time or another?  Now I know Justin isn’t Gay, but hey, I am still hoping.  After all, he’s done some solo work and a duo as well, so hey, that only helps me imagine him in my bedroom.

Besides, I’d like to think that if he Enjoys the taste of his cum, he might want to try tasting mine.  lol

Just to sit there, watching him strip, listening to him talk, is enough to give me more than a hard cock.  Seeing him stroking that beautiful uncut dick, well, that would get me to the edge, if not right over it. LOL

sexy young man jerks off


Enjoy ALL of Justin  @  Videoboys

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