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A slight change up, because Men Over 30 isn’t dedicated to Uncut Cocks, but damn, I like the lovely uncut one in this set, so wtf, why not share it with everyone?  After all, it is the appreciation of a nice uncut willie, that matters.

For clarity, Lucas Knowles is from Praque, and he’s got the tasty uncut dick.  Wouldn’t want to be confused now, would we? LOL

Thing is, this site is about guys who are 30, and you know, I must need glasses or something.  Like honestly, does long haired Lucas look like he is thirty?  Hell, Ridge Michaels sure as fuck doesn’t either.  Makes you wonder, how they keep their looks so young looking. I mean what kind of age cream do they use, as I sure could use a gallon or two of it. LOL

comparing dicks

Now you can see why I couldn’t resist showing this episode.

I mean look at how fucking thick that uncut weapon is, and it isn’t even hard yet.  Damn that is one tasty looking cock, and I love how the foreskin is pulling back, revealing so much of that cock head.  I guess, it is getting pretty hard, but when you see it fully erect, well, a lot more of that cock head shows.

Which means, that foreskin sure as fuck tightens up a whole bunch.  I kind of like that, watching it become tighter with each pulse of a guy’s heartbeat. How the blood just keeps pulsing through, making the head come out from hiding, the pole becoming thicker and harder.

Kind of gives me a lump in the throat…  among other places. LOL

tasty cock head

I do love a nice cock head, but hell, looks like it could be pushed out a bit more. Still a bit of foreskin rolled up just under that tasty looking morsel.  Just seeing that, has me rather hungry for some cock.  Uncut of course, with a generous helping of fresh cream.

shooting his spunk

More of Lucas Knowles & His Uncut Cock Here

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