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You know what happens when you party too much?

You get behind in checking emails with new releases.  Somehow I missed this one from the guys at Blake Mason.  Reece Ryder and Freddie White.

hot guys being romantic

I kind of like the holidays.

To begin with, sites change the damn settings, which in this case, is a huge plus.  I get tired of the same old sets, and Blake seems to have a thing about dull colors, so this is a pleasant change of pace for me.  Course, having these two is also a nice change of pace. I like their looks, the boyish charm they both seem to have.

Oh, and I do love their lovely uncut cocks lol

uncut cock holiday treat

I guess this is a sort of late Christmas present for us all.

No doubt I am going to enjoy whacking off to this set. I mean such tasty young men, lovely uncut cocks, and oh yeah, some very creamy cum to finish it all off with.  Now that does kind of put me back into the festive mood.

So much, I may even let Seymour in on this little series. LOL

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