Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Jean has me drooling

sexy stareI need some tissue to wipe the drool from my chin.

Bel Ami boys seem to do that to me, which is a good thing if I am alone.  Bit embarrassing if I have company over, enjoying my collection of sexy young guys.

I’ve gotten into the habit of not opening my email, until I have some alone time, specially if it is a Bel Ami update.

Like, come on, there are very few releases that don’t have me wanting to jerk off, as I stare at the pictures of their lovely young men.

Take Jean Morocco here.  ( I know I’d love to “take him”  lol  )

That stare, that golden hue of his flesh, has me popping a boner, and that’s before I get to the more revealing photographs.

Honestly, I love a man who has a sexy look about him.

The way his eyes can seem to pierce your soul, and how the lips are set, like he is waiting for you to make that first move on him.

Almost looks as if he is willing you to approach him, to engage him in conversation that will lead you both to the bedroom.

Assuming you can wait that long, before wanting to just ravage that muscular body of his, or have him ravage yours.

sexy tush


As much as I love their bodies, I have to be honest.  It is the way they pose, with that piercing look that always gets me super hard.

Yes their nicely toned physiques help, and the golden tan that most of them have, sets each part of their body off perfectly, but then, so does the settings.  The natural look, of a hot guy on a lawn chair, stretching out and baring his body, gets me quivering, but that is always after the fact.

It is how they look, how they seem to just touch a nerve deep inside of me, that has me grabbing some lube, long before I turn my gaze to their other charms.

Course being uncut is one of those precious charms that guys like Jean Morocco have, that helps in my fantasies.

tasty uncut penis

hard uncut cock

Tell me how you wouldn’t like to just dive in between his legs, to gobble up those tasty eggs of his?  Or perhaps you’d like to lick that long thick pole, from the base all the way up to the head?

I sure as hell would, which is why I think I shall let the drool drip, and get on with satisfying my own needs.  That tasty looking penis, has given me some inspirational thoughts. LOL

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