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I’ll take the house if they come with it

sexy bel ami boys

Ah to be rich and able to afford a house like this.

Course, I’d quickly sign the purchase agreement, if it included these two hunks from Bel Ami.  ( Brady Jensen and Dario Dolce )

Sounds like a broken record, but it isn’t just that these guys turn me on. It is how they are profiled, in such gorgeous settings that help me dream about wanting to be there. To be a part of the sex with them.

I doubt I’ll ever own a home that has such a luxurious indoor pool, or have private access to such a pool, but damn, it sure does help the fantasy.  To think you can be rich enough, and lucky enough to have guys like Dario and Brady, is enough to get me horny.  I mean look at them, they both have well defined bodies, gorgeous uncut cocks, and more than that, they come across like they truly enjoy having sex with each other.

Bel Ami boys photo collage

Out of the two, Dario & Brady, I am leaning to a preference for Brady.  To begin with, he’s a Top, which appeals to me, and secondly, I like his face over Dario’s.   I just find it more attractive, and matches that beefy body of his.   Not like I could get a choice in the matter, but hey, like I said, I can dream…   and isn’t that what it is all about?  LOL

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