Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

What makes him so damn desirable

brown haired twink teasing

It seems this little hottie has a few of my friends drooling the second they see his name in a release email.   Personally, I can understand being smitten by him, because he is damn cute.  Exactly the type I do enjoy, and you know, he is the total package, when it comes to dream material.

Now it seems that Seymour is really heated up by him, but hey, if you think that old fart is hot to trot, you should read what Goompa has on him. I mean he’s done a two part fantasy, and from what I heard, he’s got a third one coming later today.

Like that is what I’d call becoming Obsessed, wouldn’t you?  LOL

two hot young men

So just what Makes Justin So Thrilling?

Honestly, he does get me horny. ( Yes, he is uncut which is a super start )

I think what gets everyone all heated up, is the way he comes across on camera. I firmly believe that some models have their natural charm captured by the camera, and with Justin, it just seems to ooze out. Almost like he was born to be in front of a camera.

Course, he’s got a nice disposition, or so it seems, which really does help a guy dream about him.

Add into that, his beautiful body, that mop of brown hair to go with such an innocent looking face, just makes me tremble inside. I really do feel excited, by his presence, clothed or not.  Like come on, doesn’t that bulge in those blue undies just make you a bit curious, a bit horny?

Justin Lebeau and Jake Bass nude pictures

I think it is things like how Justin looks, at certain moments. Take the image above, top left.

getting a blow job

How his mouth is open, how his face looks as he is being sucked by Jake Bass.

I mean, look at his eyes, how the lids are partially closed, as if he is lost in some sex fantasy, feeling the sensation of Jake’s mouth over his throbbing uncut cock.  How his chest looks, as if he’s short of breath, as his body is feeling the tremors of pleasure racing through it.  The hair is even matted looking, as if he has been sweating, enjoying how Jake is making him feel.

It just looks real, not faked, and you know, even if it is faked, it just doesn’t matter, because he sells it.  Justin makes it feel real, and that is a rare quality in a Porn Model.

Enjoy More of Justin Lebeau  @  Videoboys Today


horny old guys


You should know, that not all models available at Videoboys are Uncut.

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