Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Tasty Looking Penis

foreskin dick

Who wouldn’t enjoy staring down at that lovely uncut penis?

Okay, maybe it would be better to be staring up at it?  While you are on your knees, getting ready to not just look at it, but gobble it up?  ( Damn I am such a perv at times. LOL )

looking up at a cock

cock with foreskin

You gotta admit it, from any angle, that is one tasty sperm rocket, don’t you think?  ( I love that name, sperm rocket.  lol )

Now this tasty morsel belongs to Gill, who has a few other interesting attributes, to match that yummy cock.  Like this guy has a very hairy butt, and legs.  Now, I am not a fan of hairy guys, but hell, for me it is the Penis.   For others, well he does have a nice looking ass, and that hole, just sort of seems to be begging for someone to fill it with some loving.

pucker hole

bung hole

Like I said, I am a cock fan, not an ass fan, but damn, that does kind of give me the shakes. I mean in a good way too, because I just get the notion of how tight that hole might be, how it might feel sliding my own dick into it.  Hey, not like I just go for a blow job, I like some good ass fucking too.

Course, what I really enjoy is fucking a guy till he blows his load.

And looking at Gill, I think I know why I say he’s got a ‘nice sperm rocket’

shooting off his sperm rocket

Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one BLAST OFF!

See Gill Blow His Load

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