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Cute Jammies

laying in bed

Do guys still wear pajamas?  LOL

Sorry, but I thought pajamas got lost eons ago.  When I grew up, they were losing popularity, and many either slept in the raw, or in their skivvies.   Maybe this is a new trend?  Be nice, to see guys in those loose fitting jammies, that leave very little to the imagination.

Hey, it kind of adds a bit of a thrill, seeing a guy in his jammies, stretched out on the white bed like that.  Sort of seductive, don’t you think?

I love the pure white bed, the jammies and Jean Daniel Chagall.

Course the addition of Phillipe Gaudin into the scene helps too.  I mean he is cute and well, nothing like seeing a pair of hot uncut cocks being wielded by some good looking guys, to get an afternoon off to a roaring start.

sexy men in bed together

I love the photography, and such a nice pair of photos of all that lovely cum.

Hey, nice hard uncut cocks, dripping with cum.  Does it get any better?

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