Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Let’s Vacation Together

Cape Town vacation

Cape Town is beautiful, but then, anywhere that has some horny Bel Ami boys is gonna be beautiful.

I’d certainly book a vacation with these two hunks, Harris Hilton & Julien Hussey.  Gotta admit though, Julien just isn’t quite what I am into, but Harris, well that’s a different story.

He’s gotten a bit leaner, and yet, he still has that lovely look that just makes a guy swoon a bit.  Course when he is naked, well, I swoon a little bit more. After all he does have a nice uncut dick.

Did I mention, this is a condom free fuck session, that these two get into.  Thing is, with such beautiful sites to see, where the hell did they find the time to get naked and fuck?  LOL

Bel Ami boys enjoying Cape Town and each other

Uncut Hunks @ Bel Ami Online

I think I enjoy Bel Ami so much, not just for the good looking hunks, but for the travel ideas. I mean I wouldn’t have thought of going to Cape Town, until I saw some of the shots in Bel Ami photos.

Course that happens after I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the naked guys and those handsome uncut cocks.  Which means, well, after maybe the third study of all the tasty details.

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