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Lick My Ear Too

getting him horny

Chalk up another reason why Bel Ami boys get me so fucking horny.

Honestly, sex isn’t just sucking, fucking. There is more to it, and if you aren’t there, well you need something other than pretty looks to get me horny.  Call it old age, call it being jaded, but fuck, I like to be turned on from the start, not half way through glancing at some photographs.

The location, the change of scenery, all helps to put an old fart like me in the mood, and you know, it does with my other friends too.  They like to get in the mood, and let their imaginations take them to those places, where they are magically transported into the very scene they are looking at.

Having a hot guy like Colin Hewitt or Phillipe Gaudin kissing you on the lips, on having your ear licked and nibbled on, is all part of that. And yeah, Bel Ami Online accomplishes that for me, time in, time out.  I am sorry, but the guys are fucking gorgeous, and while that may be enough for some, I am a greedy pig.   I Want More !   lol

being romantic

For me, I enjoy dreaming about the guys, about how it would feel if I was one of them, or with one of them.  Sometimes I can conjure up a whole story about it, but not as good as say Goompa does.   Still, in my mind I sure as fuck can, and that’s what really gets me hot and horny, and OFF!

Phillipe & Colin sex photos

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