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Are They Twinks or Something More

crotchety old man's clubThe more I look at the updates from Bel Ami, the more conflicted I become, because I refer to them as Twinks and honestly, they really just don’t seem to fit that description.

Yes, I like them, but can I call them Twinks?

To me the word “Twinks” conjures up some skinny pimply faced eighteen to twenty two year old. The kind that is a bit gangly looking, not yet fully developed physically.

That Definitely is not a Bel Ami boy, now is it?

For example, can we honestly say that guys like Kevin Warhol or Austin Merrick fit that vision?

Or how about Etienne Pauliac?

sexy bel ami boy

Let’s be honest, Etienne there sure doesn’t look like some gangly teenager does he?  I mean come on, he’s got a well defined masculine body, which shows he’s worked out some.  ( My guess, is he gets a lot of sex, which has to build up muscle definition. )

Another thing about most of the Bel Ami boys, is they aren’t exactly trendy. I mean they look good, dress nice, and yet look down to earth too. I mean come on, most Porn Stars come across as being bored, of looking like how they expect us to envision them.  Bel Ami boys seem to look, just natural, like any handsome guy you’d come across walking down the street.

I am not that naive to believe that it is all peaches and cream. Sure, a lot goes into creating these persona’s, but damn it, isn’t that what kind of makes them so special?  The simple fact is, that for the most part, they actually can pull that off.

sexy Bel Ami boy Etienne

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