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Latino with killer smile


horny old guysYEAH !   It is Foreskin Friday, and okay, I am late in the day but hey, check out Sebastian & then Max, and you will know why I am a bit late in posting today.

Hey, they aren’t the perfect looking guys, but you know, they got what it takes…  FORESKIN!

First up is Sebastian, and he does have a nice body actually, to go with his hooded dick.

That pole of his does look rather thick too, don’t it?  Bet you wouldn’t mind wrapping your lips around that hunk of Latino sausage.  Ten to one, it is of the more spicy variety.

Latino and his foreskin

Enjoy More Fantastic Foreskin Here

horny old menDon’t worry, I’ve got more pictures of Sebastian.

The photo gallery at the end with have both Sebastian’s photos and Max’s photos.

Hey it is Foreskin Friday, after all. LOL

Max Alamo's tasty foreskin

Max Alamo


crankly old geezersDon’t you just love a double bill of foreskin?

Take Max here, he has lots of nice foreskin, but unlike Sebastian, his isn’t all wrinkly or looking like a prune.

It is rather interesting to see the differences, between the two.

I love how Max’s foreskin cover the cock head so completely. Makes it look like a totally skinned sausage, leaving it all up to your imagination, at just what is hidden under all that skin.

Plus, well Max is a lot different in build than Sebastian.  Hey, like I said, variety is the spice of life.


thug looking tough guy shows off his foreskin and tattoos

More Rough & Tough Men with Foreskin

horny old geezersYou have to admit, he is one tough looking guy.  Bit of a thug type look, and yet I don’t know.

Sure he has some tattoos, and maybe even has a tough look in his face, but I don’t know.

Not sure I see a total thug there. Maybe he just wants to appear like one?

And damn, he sure does enjoy playing with his foreskin, and that little Fleshjack toy.

Personally I kind of envy Robert, who gets to film all these lovely foreskin men.

Not to mention he does seem to get a bit on the side as well.

Get More Tasty Hoods at Fantastic Foreskin


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