Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

He looks like a Lifeguard

sexy muscular hunk



horny old geezersThis is what a fantasy can be built on, a sexy hunk with a tasty uncut penis.

His name is Joey, and honestly he just looks like a natural born Lifeguard.  I mean in those orange briefs of his, that muscular build, is exactly how I envision a lifeguard to be.    Wonder if he moonlights as one?

I was going to save this for Foreskin Friday, but damn, I needed something good to jerk off to, today and well, I thought I’d share.

I love solo shots, because it lets me use my imagination to the fullest.  Like take Joey there, I can just imagine being out on the ocean, having a bit of difficulty and this hot guy comes rushing to my rescue.

Naturally I’d want to show him my appreciation, by bringing him home, and giving him, well, something special.

Like Me !  lol

Get Off with More Hunks like Joey


dirty old menCan’t you just see him sitting up in one of those Lifeguard towers?

I would be at the bottom, constantly gazing upwards trying to catch a glimpse of his balls, or butt crack.

I may be gushing a bit, but damn he is hot.  I love the orange undies in the photo shoot, and honestly don’t you think he has a cute butt?   I wouldn’t mind diving between those buns of his, and giving that pucker hole a damn good rimming.

Who knew that Freshman X had such lovely uncut men? 

Okay not all are Uncut, but damn, when you find a Joey, does it matter? LOL



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