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Foreskin Friday | More Straight than what

a true hooded wonder

horny old fartsI do love a nice picture of a hooded penis.

And the guys at Squirtz certainly know how to show one.  Like take Blakes penis ( see above).  Doesn’t that just make your mouth water?

Not only does Blake have a tasty looking cock, but he’s got one fine looking body to go with that delicious morsel.

Sure, he claims to be  “more straight” but damned if I know what that means.  Besides, it isn’t like I am ever going to be walking down the streets of Montreal and run into him.  So I will just forget about that remark, and concentrate on my own little fantasy, where I wind up enjoying Blake all to myself.

Hell, I would make him my Love Slave, if I could get away with it, but I’ll settle for just caressing that flat tummy, licking at those nipples of his, and smothering that adorable face with lots of wet kisses.

naked pictures of semi straight Blake

Grab Your Own Fantasy Hunk at Squirtz

dirty old geezersCan’t you just imagine having him all to yourself, in your bedroom?

I mean I’d be a nervous wreck, moving from his cock, his face, to that lovely ass of his.

I mean there wouldn’t be an inch of his skin that I wouldn’t want to touch, caress, fondle, and smother in hot kisses.

What can I say, I love to be thorough, don’t you?

Besides it is just a fantasy, and well, in my fantasies, I get what I want.  Kind of why I enjoy the guys from Squirtz so much.  They give me the inspiration to just kick back, and lube up and smile as I jerk the old stick.

More Tasty Uncut Men Here

join Squirtz todayJust what does $20 buy you these days?

Sure won’t fill up your gas tank, and hey, a night out is going to cost a lot more than $20.

However, for 30 Days you can enjoy more of guys like Blake at Squirtz.

Yep, for $19.95 every 30 days, you get to enjoy videos of guys like Justin Lebeau, Seth Knight, Blake and others. Plus they have some pretty high definition photographs for those closer inspections.

Not every guy at Squirtz is Uncut, but hey, they are still good fantasy material.

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