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European Delight at Tyler’s Room

sexy young man from Europe

cranky old geezersOdd isn’t it, that most European guys are Uncut, while most North American are snipped?

Though you have to admit, that is changing.   But in the meantime, there are still lots of hung and uncut European males to keep us foreskin fans happy.

Guys like Bart from Poland, for example.

Now he’s not what I’d call a Pretty Boy, but he is rather attractive. I mean he’s got a chubby face, but then, it suits that rather well build young frame of his.  I mean he does fill out a pair of blue jeans very nicely, don’t you think?

Plus he does have a very nice ass.

I do love a good pair of butt cheeks to go with a tasty uncut cock.

pair of lovely ass cheeks

See More Tasty Butt Cheeks


crotchety old menIn a way, Bart seems to have a rather boyish like charm, that has me feeling a bit twitchy.

I mean that ass is damn gorgeous, and when you see how he can clench it, well, you know that has me feeling rather hot and horny.

Like is there anything better than a guy clenching his butt together, once you’ve gotten your dick firmly inside? Talk about creating some added friction.

Tyler’s Room has been around for a time, but you know, I’ve never really taken the time to go and check them out.

Least not until lately, and hey, if they have more like Bart, I just might see if I can pry my wallet open.

What I kind of like is the simplicity of the site.

Membership is simple. 

You pay $19.95 for 30 days access.

I mean how much more simple can it get?   Lots of exclusive young males, videos, and stuff, for just $19.95

Cum Into Tyler’s Room Today

Check Out Tyler’s Room

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