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Pin Up Boys | Jason and Thomas

pair of Bel Ami pin up boys

horny old fartsA blast from the past, mixed with today’s new breed, always gives me the chills.

After all, if they were hot back then, the magic is still gonna have me reaching for the Lube and you know, Jason Paradis is one of those, that has me quivering a little.

Mix in some photo’s of Thomas Wolf and his urge for speed, and you know, I think an earthquake is happening right under me.

There is something about seeing a hot guy straddling a big old motorbike.  Not sure what it is, but damn that always has me excited.  Seeing Thomas in his riding gear, and stripping next to that Hog of his, well, come on, aren’t you even a bit hard?

sexy bel ami boys and their uncut penises

horny old age pensionersLooking at Jason and his 7.1 inch cock, then over at Thomas, I think Thomas has the edge on length, but damn, Jason’s is rather thick, don’t you think?

I love how Thomas’ cock hangs with that little bend to it, near the base of the shaft.  I can just close my eyes, imagining my hands touching that lovely cock, feeling the foreskin tremble a bit, as I wrap my fingers slowly around the base of that tasty cock.

Course, I could imagine the same about Jason, which is why I love Pin Ups from Bel Ami.  I get to imagine so many interesting scenes, with me and those hot young men, that a guy could enjoy the whole day jerking off, and only have to stop, due to friction burns.

Can you think of a better way to spend a day?

Yeah okay I can too, but come on, not like we are ever going to be lucky enough to enjoy the company of such hot young guys like Jason and Thomas.   Sure we may know some hot good looking guys, who may give us a tumble now and then, but they aren’t that easy to get, now are they?

Plus, using one’s imagination, a guy can certainly enjoy a rather exciting life.  Specially if it includes sucking on some tasty uncut cock, attached to a hunk from Bel Ami.

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sex starved old age pensionersAccording to Bel Ami, Jason was given the last name ” Paradis ” on his first day auditioning at Bel Ami.

They say it was his killer smile that simply reminded them of Paradise, and you know, I’ve seen him in some of the DVDs, and they are right.

That is one Killer of a smile he’s got, to go along with that thick hunk of uncut meat.

He has appeared in  Nine Bel Ami DVDs, including one of my favorites, Out In Africa 2.

See More of Jason’s Sex Videos & Photos at Bel Ami Online



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