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Foreskin Friday | Benji and his Best Friend

Benji Friend in a hoodie


horny old geezersTo be honest, I do enjoy a bit of a tease, before I get to see the goodies.

I want to get my mind working about what might be there, what might transpire, if I was in that room, with that particular guy.  In this case young Benji Friend.

Now I don’t know much about him, other than he is Bi, and enjoys showing off his hard lean body, and fully hooded penis.

Hey that works for me. I love a guy who is into showing off his family jewels, on a whim.  Not like Eye Candy is actually fattening now, is it?  LOL


hooded penis


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dirty old menI need to save up some money, so I can take a trip to Poland.

After all, they sure do seem to have a lot of open minded young men, and they sure as hell have some tasty looking uncut cocks.   Could be a vacation of my Dreams.

Or I could just take a jaunt down to Los Angeles and go looking through the Polish community there, for my own Benji, or close resemblance.

He has a look, that just matches that lean and hard body of his.  I love his look, and in that hoodie, with his legs apart, that drooping uncut dick, just makes me salivate.

I want one of him.  LOL

He sort of has that Boxer type of look, don’t you think?   I wouldn’t mind going 15 rounds with him, but not in a boxing ring. I’d rather it was in my bedroom.  LOL

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

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