Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

I Love Spurting Cum

his jizz spurts

Jim Collins and Gaelan Binoche

horny old guysOkay, call it a quirk if you want, but I fucking enjoying watching a guy blow his load.  Especially if he’s cute and his jizz spurts out, not dribbles.

I love flying cum.

And yes, I do try to catch it with my mouth wide open.  I love the taste of cum too, but you know, it is fun trying to catch every drop of a guy’s jizz, when it comes roaring out like in the picture above.

Can be funny too, and hell, I don’t know but it kind of makes the sex even better.  Course it is a bit messy, but hey I got a good washing machine, and I do know how to wash my own face.

Bel Ami boys being boys

Bel Ami Boys Making Out

horny old age pensionersJust sucking on a beautiful uncut penis, looks so much better when it is a Bel Ami photograph.

I mean you see the veins popping out, you could close your eyes and imagine the saliva dripping as the mouth slowly closes around that throbbing penis.

Okay, so I obsess on Bel Ami, what can I say?

I am a true Bel Ami fan. 

(  I suppose all the pictures featuring them on this blog, isn’t a clue? LOL  )

Personally I am more into the Bel Ami boys like Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer but Jim Collins and Gaelan Binoche aren’t chopped liver.  

I mean they have nice penises, and damn, I do love how that cum just spurts out.

I really do, it has me licking my chops, wishing I could be the lucky bitch on the receiving end of all that tasty flying cum.

Tell me you don’t have that wish?  I Dare Ya!  lol

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