Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Foreskin Friday | Jack and Roger

two giant uncut dicks

Comparing Uncut Cocks | Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert


horny old geezersWhat is better than two uncut cocks?

Why Two GIANT SIZED uncut cocks, like the lovely penises from Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert.

Hey, I love my Bel Ami boys, but I really do love a big pecker too, as long as it is uncut.

When Jack first showed up in the promo content, I kept having trouble with his name, always wanting to speller it with an “e” instead of a “a” but it was his square jaw, and rather thick penis that won me over.  It was like, I need to know his name, so I can keep following his advances in the world of Bel Ami.


two big uncut cocks duel it out

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cranky old age pensionersSeems like I started this hours ago, and it won’t let me finish.   Guess I should maybe zip up for a bit,  hide the bottle of lube and just concentrate.

Or maybe not.

Hey I like big dicks, love cute tushes, so sue me if I let my own personal need to ejaculate take precedence.

Gotta be honest though, I prefer Jack over Roger.

I just like his look more, though I think Roger has a much thicker penis than Jack.  

Now, I do like a big dick, but some of then super thick bastards just hurt way too much, even after they’ve penetrated my poor butt hole.

Not that I mind the pain that much, but it does tend to get in my way of truly enjoying a nice throbbing pole up the old poop chute.


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