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Foreskin Friday | It Started on the Beach

walking hand in hand on the beach


horny old geezersI wish Summer would get here soon.

Nothing like sitting back on a nice sunny day, the water lapping at the shore, and sexy young shirtless men in shorts, running across the sand.

It just makes me sigh, wishing I was young enough to attract a hot young partner, and we could go strolling across the sandy shore, hand in hand.  Just like Vadim Farrell and Harris Hilton.

But I am old, so instead I shall kick back, grab some lube, and imagine that I am young, that those two are running to meet me, to have a long enjoyable threesome.

That is the beauty of porn, and of Bel Ami boys.  It lets a guy like me enjoy Summer all year round, and more than that, it lets me enjoy some good self pleasure fun.

A connection made on the beach

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cranky old geezersEver notice how there is ALWAYS a secluded beach house, or apartment nearby?

Nice beach house that Vadim & Harris find, and look, a bed is the centerpiece.  I guess we know what goes on in that beach house, don’t we?  LOL

Hey, I wish we had one of those ‘shacks’ on our beaches.

Back on topic, I gotta say, that you can really feel the connection between Vadim & Harris.

Hell just look at how much they both cum, and hey, that certainly has me working hard to blow my load too.

I mean such good looking young men, fit and toned, with very nice uncut cocks, firm buttocks, who couldn’t bust a nut fantasizing over them?

To me, that is the beauty of Bel Ami.  So many hot young men to get excited over, and well, you ever try finding a hot looking guy, who will go home with you like Vadim?  Harris?  Fabio?

Least if you close your eyes and dream about them, you get to be the one taking them home.  And boy, is my place getting crowded with all those sexy young Bel Ami boys.   LOL

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