Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

A Beautiful Uncut Penis

tasty looking uncut cock

Southern Charmer Cole Mathews

horny old farts


Doesn’t that just say it all?

I mean for us who love a tasty uncut cock, Robert Chalmers certainly knows how to feed our needs. Soon as I opened this package, my hand was off reaching for the lube bottle.   No shit, the pictures of Cole Mathews uncut penis would burn out my pacemaker, if I had one.  Instead it just has my heart fiberating at an amazing rate.

Plus the guy is rather attractive, and hey only Twenty.  Oh, did I mention this is the first time he’s let his gorgeous uncut dick be photographed?

sexy uncut cock and twink

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dirty old menYou know it is jerk off heaven, when you get to gaze at a beautiful uncut penis, and the guy who has it, is pretty cute too.  Hey, I can enjoy just a nice uncut dick, but I do like to know who I am dreaming about too.

Cole Mathews has that innocent look, though somehow I just don’t figure he is.

Maybe it is that he’s from South Carolina, and is just Twenty, and has been jaded by the Los Angeles scene, where he just moved to.

I do love a Southern Charmer, and come on, he’s got the right goods to go with that charm.

Wonder if he has that Southern twang to his voice too?   Damn that really sets me off, that soft Southern drawl.

Fact is, I think if he was on some other site, I’d give him a pass, because no one really does photograph the uncut penis, like Robert Chalmers at Fantastic Foreskin.

Sure Bel Ami has beautiful sets, good photography too, but when it comes to the foreskin, to showing the detail of the uncut dick and the way the skin folds over the cock head, well, sorry but Fantastic Foreskin wins that one, hands down.

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