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Foreskin Friday | Florian and Jean Daniel

sexy by the indoor pool

horny old fartsI do love that pool.   When I win the lottery, you can bet I am gonna have myself a beautiful home, with a lovely pool just like Florian & Jean Daniel are bathing in.

Course I will have my home well stocked with tasty nubile flesh, just like them.   Heck, maybe I’ll even make an offer that they won’t want to refuse.  LOL

Thing is, I enjoy having a dream, where things are, well, luxurious.

I mean either you dream in black ‘n white, or go for living color, and frankly, just thinking of having a pool like that, of having two very hot young men with big uncut cocks splashing in it, gets me excited. 

Dreaming in color is so much more fun, and I can honestly say, that when I pop my cork, it is ten times better than when the photos and videos are shot in some ordinary dingy room.   You know, like what Blake Mason does.   Now which would you like to jerk off to?   Some guys in a dull bedroom, or guys making out in a beautiful indoor pool?

I’ll take the pool.

making out poolside

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