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I am not waiting till Friday to post this one.  Last time I waited, those assholes Goompa & Seymourhorny old fartsour scooped me.

Fabio was mine, and somehow they both grabbed the pack and posted about it.   So this time, I am not waiting for Foreskin Friday, but gonna show off Jaco Van Sant, before they do.

They can drool all they want, but this hot stud is mine to devour.  And I am hungry as hell, for a nice big uncut cock, like Jaco’s.

Plus, Phillipe Gaudin is not second rate banana either.  I am gonna be greedy and enjoy them both.

I am totally smitten by Jaco.  His face, the bushy eyebrows, the brown hair, the 6.9 inch uncut dick, and short stature has me quivering with desire.

sexy bel ami boys Jaco & Phillip

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horny old age pensionersIf anything, Jaco isn’t your typical Bel Ami boy.

To begin with, his dick is just under 7 inches, and he only stands at about 5′ 6″ which isn’t typical.

Yet I love his look, and his energy too.

Hey the guy is a good bottom, and you know, I love a hot bottom boy.  Especially when he’s got the energy of ten guys. Kind of makes the sex even more energetic, more intense, that absolutely makes me ready to blow my load.

Hell, Phillipe is good looking too, but not in the same kind of way, if you follow me.  I mean he is sophisticated while Jaco is, well more flamboyant, more natural.

Hell, just look at how he pulls his cock, while Phillip is rimming him.  Damn, I wish I could have been there, or better yet, been the guy licking at that tasty boy hole.  I really would have given him a good rimming. 

My real problem is that there are way too many good looking guys at Bel Ami. Though it does give me a nice variety to choose from, for my jerk off moments.

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