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Nice Cum Shot | Dario and Sascha

horny old fartsI have to say, I love the cum shots that come in my promo packs.

Nothing is left to chance, each precious drop of that tasty seed is captured, and you know, it really does insure a good orgasm, for yours truly.

Okay, I can be a bit of a Size Queen at times, but I swear, I am a Cum A Holic.   I love the taste of cum, the stickiness of it, the hint of salt.  Plus I haven’t had a Zit in eons, so it obviously does have some good qualities, when applied fresh and often.

Okay so I am tramp, shoot me.  lol

Now Dario Dulce and Sascha Chaykin certainly turn up the heat, and the cum shot at the end, well fuck me, but it got me off.

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naughty old menCall me a worrier, but all these Bareback scenes scare me a tad.  I would hate for anything to happen to my Bel Ami boys.   Hey, I expect to live forever, and I’d hate to lose any of my favorite jerk off treats.

Both Sascha & Dario are rather beefy. I kind of like that, at times, and you know, I would love to be the spotter in their gym.   Kind of wonder if they workout nude?

Can you imagine the aroma of hot young men, seeing their naked bodies glistening from their sweat, and those lovely uncut cocks dangling as they do some crunches, or weight lifting?

They must work out a lot, because how else do you get such developed biceps and thighs?  Hell, take a look at that pic where Dario ( I think ) is being fed Sascha’s ( I think ) cock.  I mean you can see those leg muscles bulging, and damn, that ass is fucking tasty looking, all flexed and all.

Another thing about Bel Ami boys, is how they know how to work each other up to a fever pitch.  Like check out that rimming action.  Doesn’t that just give you the shivers, seeing that hot ass being spread apart, that tongue digging down into that warm pink hole?

Sure does for me.

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