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Foreskin Friday | Andre and Harris

sexy Bel Ami boys making out

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horny old fartsThere is always something fresh to learn, about my adorable Bel Ami boys.

Take Harris Hilton for example. He is the Top in this latest episode which include my honey Andre Boleyn.

I always thought Harris was a bottom bitch, but it turns out, he just likes to have sex. He’ll do Top or Bottom, depending on the needs of his partner.   Now, that is the kind of young man I love to have.

One who is willing to do whatever it takes, to please his partner.

You know what I love the most, about writing about these guys?

It is seeing them grow into becoming even better looking young men.

appreciating their sex togetherWhen I first saw Harris, I didn’t care much for his chubby face and now, he’s thinned out, and looks even hotter than before.

Course Andre, well he’s certainly grown into quite a sexy man himself. His body has filled out, and his muscles are more defined, as is Harris’.

One of the perks, of following Bel Ami boys, is seeing those changes.

In turn, it sure does help an old guy get off.

The bodies may get more muscular, the faces thin out, the hair style changes, but you know, those lovely uncut Penises, they never change.

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