Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Cam is Cute, Hairy Ass and All

sexy uncut male

Meet Cam Fox at Squirtz


horny old fartsAh a sweet and innocent young lamb, ready to be devoured by us old farts.  LOL

Cam Fox is this lovely young man’s name, and they are right, he does kind of look like what I’d call an All Canadian Male.

Course, he also has a very nice body, to go with that warm face of his.  Best of all, he’s got himself one very thick and tasty looking Uncut Penis.

And that makes him a taste treat for me.

Plus, he’s got himself a rather hairy looking asshole.  Not my cup of tea, because when I go diving down between those luscious cheeks of his, I don’t want to wind up with hair between my teeth.

Hey they are a bitch to get out at times.

Though given how Beautiful his Penis looks, I’ll forgive him for all that hair.

hot young Canadian twink

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