Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Nice Thick Penis | Scott Alexander

Twink with thick uncut Penis

dirty old menNow that is a look I enjoy.

You can see the five o’clock shadow on that jaw, the way his lips are set, with a slight curl to them, and damn, those eyes just seem to bore right through a guy.  I mean even that necklace around that lovely throat just adds to his Sexuality.

I do enjoy a handsome young man like Scott Alexander.

Naturally I enjoy a guy like him who also has a nice thick uncut Penis, and yep, Scott has one of those too.   Now you know why I am drooling.

sexy young twink with thick uncut penis

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I love those nipples of his, and damn, check out his big balls.

Like those are certainly a pair of full looking Coconuts.  I wouldn’t mind being the one helping him empty them. And I’d use that dildo for him, unless of course he was into having a nice cock stuffed up there, instead.

Hey I like to be helpful.

Frankly, I am rather enamored by his face, that just suits that shaggy look he has.   Nice body to go with that face, and thankfully he isn’t covered garish tattoos. I mean the two he has, are discreet and not obnoxious looking, which is one more plus in his favor.

I do like creamy smooth twinks.


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