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Sweet and innocent looking Ash Williams

Get Dominated by Ash Williams


horny old fartsBlake says he has a sweet and innocent look.

Now I have had my share that look sweet & innocent, and yet when I look at that picture of nineteen year old Ash Williams,  I see a sexy young man who knows exactly what he wants, and how to get it.

Yeah, he’s got a sweet look, rather handsome actually, and just staring at him in his clothes, while on my bed ( a guy needs to dream ), he does get me excited.  Hey, not everyday a guy can snare a hot young pup like Ash, and so we gotta strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.

In other words, he’s got me hard as a fucking piece of Granite.  lol

My fingers are trembling, with the idea of reaching out and undoing that belt, and opening up those Jeans to grab a look at what is hidden beneath them.

Ash in his boxer shorts

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dirty old menI love a sexy young man in a tight pair of shorts.  Helps wet my appetite for when I yank those suckers off, so I can see the nice lovely uncut Penis hidden beneath.

Really, I like the anticipation factor, especially when I got the lube poured over my already throbbing cock.  It just seems to get the old Pecker harder, and that usually makes for a damn good jerk off session.

Course seeing someone as handsome as Ash is essential, and while I got tired of Blake Mason, some of their newer treasures have gotten my attention.

Wish they’d invest in some new bedroom furniture, but hell, I can live with that.  After all, it is what is on the bed that matters, and fuck, Ash is one very handsome bed ornament.

Love his body, and it looks like he’s got a bit of hair on his lower legs, but it is what is between those nice firm legs that has me stroking.


sexy nineteen year old's nude pictures

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Just watching him play with himself, you can tell that he is going to make you very satisfied after spending some time with him.

Hey, he knows how he likes his cock stroked, how he loves to have it worshiped.

I could sure get into sticking that thing down my throat for hours, savoring his scent with each lick of that tasty Penis.  Course that would be just a build up before wanting to ride that hard pole of his, to feel it throbbing deep inside of me.



Get Off with Ash & His Mates

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