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He is cute in those white undies | Foreskin Friday

sexy guy in white undiesI love the photography, the way Bel Ami will use different shades, to highlight their Pin Up models.

Like newcomer Leo Simpson.

I mean that shade of pink just has me focused right on that handsome young man, and his lithe body.  Course I love the way his head is tilted, how his mouth is open in an inviting smile.

And yes, that bulge in those white undies definitely attracts my eyes.

Like that certainly gets the imagination working wondering  just how big of a cock he has, and what it looks like.

I may be old, but I am far from being dead, and I do love a nice uncut Penis.

Let me just say, Leo has a very, very nice Penis.

I like the lovely curve it has up at the cock head.  Makes me think it would fit very nicely inside a nice tight boy hole.

Would be nice, if it my hole it was being stuffed into, but hey, I can dream, can’t I?


sexy new Bel Ami boy Leo

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cranky old fartsThose lips, with that face just has me ready to rock ‘n roll.

Course I have a hunch that Leo is more of a Bottom, than a Top given how they seem to be concentrating on that lovely ass of his, rather than his uncut cock.

I wouldn’t mind delving into those cheeks, before perhaps trying to split them with my own dick.

Course the idea of having a hot young stud like him to play with, certainly is making me stroke a bit faster too.

Thankfully I got lots of lube handy.  LOL

I do look forward to the Pin Up series of Bel Ami Boys.   Gets the cobwebs cleared out of  the brain, and I do admit, I have some very good orgasms while thinking about the Pin Up boys.

Especially when they look like Leo Simpson.

Check Out Leo & His Friends Today

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