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Gabriel’s Foreskin Docked | Foreskin Friday

pulling his skin out


cranky old geezersOkay so Gabriel isn’t what I’d call a Twink, though he is twenty one.

I suppose it is because I am not into hairy guys, all that much. I do make exceptions, especially when they have a lovely uncut Penis.   I’d much rather that they had more foreskin than hair all over their body, but hey, Gabriel will do just fine.  (in the foreskin department, at least.  lol )

This is his third appearance at Fantastic Foreskin, and it seems he’s gotten a lot more comfortable in showing off that delicious uncut cock of his.  Hey, there are times when it pays to keep going back.

For this shoot, he gets to do some  ” docking ” which is where his foreskin is stretched up and away from his cock head, to go over another cock.

I don’t know about Gabriel, or Robert, but damn that is one hot moment, when your foreskin is over the other guy’s dick, and your cock head is touching his.   Like talk about having an electrical experience.

I get goose bumps when it happens, and let me say, it takes a great deal of self control to not let myself go and blow my load.  To rub the ultra sensitive cock head against another, your foreskin over their dick, just does something to me, inside, that I can’t really explain.

stretching his foreskin

Get Stretched & Docked

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