Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Sascha is still damn hot

Bel Ami boy Sascha

Sascha Chaykin from Bel Ami Online

horny old fartsSascha has been around for a little at Bel Ami and you know, he’s still damn hot in my eyes.

I love his well built body and come on, like most Bel Ami boys, he’s got a lovely uncut Penis.

What amazes me about these young men is how they are so capable in showing off their special assets, even if it takes three bloody days to film it all.

Like for this Pin Up series.

I mean you gotta marvel at how well they keep to the same layout, without any changes to make you realize it was done over a period of time.  I kind of that attention to detail, because darn it, it sure helps me in my day dreaming about these beautiful men.

Isn’t that what these sites are supposed to do?  Yet so many don’t, so it kind of impresses me when one actually does what it should.

Which is to get me horny and ready to bust a nut.

Sexy Uncut Bel Ami Boys Here

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