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Cum Floodgates Opened

Are you one of those who fast forward the video to the cum shot?
Will, if you are, you are gonna have trouble with this latest video from Blake Mason.  The entire video is a collection of nothing but delicious cum shots.   Lots of hot uncut cocks exploding their precious seed, all over sweaty bodies, faces, …

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Holiday Butt Ramming | Uncut Stuffing

You know what happens when you party too much?
You get behind in checking emails with new releases.  Somehow I missed this one from the guys at Blake Mason.  Reece Ryder and Freddie White.

I kind of like the holidays.
To begin with, sites change the damn settings, which in this case, is a huge plus.  I get …

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He is cute but cut, but his buddy is uncut

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Now I like uncut dicks, and Trey (one on the right) has a nice 8 inch uncut dick, while his buddy Reece has 7½ inches, but he is cut.  Yet for me, Trey looks too angry, but Reece has a cuteness about him, that sort …

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Someone Has a Hairy Asshole

Now can you guess which one of these has a super hairy butt?    Think it is the more rough looking dude with all those Tattoos, or is it that round faced innocent looking one to the left?
I mean both of them are rather smooth looking, so until you go down a bit further, ain’t no …

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Now cooking in the kitchen, hot uncut men

I have way too many glass dishes and pots, to even think about doing one of my dates in the kitchen.  Besides, my counters are rather small, and not as smooth as what Dominic and Tony have.   I mean I’ve fucked on granite before, marble too, and I gotta say, it’s rather slippery.  Damn cold …

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