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Time to Start Going Hiking

Outdoor Sex Is A Thrill 
IF I had known, when a twink, that going hiking with friends, could lead to this kind of outdoor sex, well, needless to say,  I WOULD BE SKINNY TODAY.
Maybe that’s why the wife is so skinny? He does enjoy going for hikes, and even camping out too.  Hmmm, time to start tagging …

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Morning Whiz and Boner

Doesn’t everyone need to take a piss first thing? 
After last night, there is no shyness with these two, as they head out of the tent for a nature call.  And you just know it won’t end there.
I mean what else is common first thing in the morning, but stiff dicks and night grunge. Which …

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Episode 7 Job Application

Ballbusting Interview
While his honey is off camping,checking out his straight bud’s dick, Aarron is busy interviewing a new employee for the bar he runs.
And his [Aarron]  interview technique is a bit, shall we say unorthodox?
Like having his applicant [Jake K.] prove his muscles & strength by man handling a barrel of beer, bare chested. Guess he wanted …

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Episode 6

Luke has this thing for one of his straight co-workers – Brez. 
Naturally going camping with him is part of Luke’s devious plan to find out just how hung is his buddy, and who knows, maybe cop a feel or better yet, see it cum.
After all, straight guys do like showing off their dicks, especially …

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UK Soap Opera 5

It is a soap opera, so why shouldn’t there be some random sex in a public place? After all, it actually does happen, which only makes it all the more real.
This porn version of a soap opera mimics real life, with guys finding guys in the public restroom. Now if only the guys I …

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