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Nice Thick Penis | Scott Alexander

Now that is a look I enjoy.
You can see the five o’clock shadow on that jaw, the way his lips are set, with a slight curl to them, and damn, those eyes just seem to bore right through a guy.  I mean even that necklace around that lovely throat just adds to his Sexuality.
I do …

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Cannot let this one get away

Mariano Gomez at BoyzParty
I do love a sexy Nineteen Year Old Jock, like Mariano.
Helps too when they are cute, and playful, just like this tasty little number is.  I mean the way he’s cooling off, has me rather hot under the collar.  
Yes, he is Uncut too, and like Goompa, looking at the other photographs …

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Cam is Cute, Hairy Ass and All

Meet Cam Fox at Squirtz
Ah a sweet and innocent young lamb, ready to be devoured by us old farts.  LOL
Cam Fox is this lovely young man’s name, and they are right, he does kind of look like what I’d call an All Canadian Male.
Course, he also has a very nice body, to go with that …

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That is an Ass worth Fucking

Meet Robbie Lee Jones
Seymour is gonna be pissed for me snagging this photo set before him, but fuck him. He stole my Fabio so fair is fair.
This is Robbie Lee Jones from BoyFun and damn, he’s got a nice looking ass, don’t you think?
Oh don’t get your shit in a knot, of course he’s got …

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European Delight at Tyler’s Room

Odd isn’t it, that most European guys are Uncut, while most North American are snipped?
Though you have to admit, that is changing.   But in the meantime, there are still lots of hung and uncut European males to keep us foreskin fans happy.
Guys like Bart from Poland, for example.
Now he’s not what I’d call a Pretty …

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