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What makes him so damn desirable

It seems this little hottie has a few of my friends drooling the second they see his name in a release email.   Personally, I can understand being smitten by him, because he is damn cute.  Exactly the type I do enjoy, and you know, he is the total package, when it comes to dream material.
Now …

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They Don’t Look Thirty | Switch Up

A slight change up, because Men Over 30 isn’t dedicated to Uncut Cocks, but damn, I like the lovely uncut one in this set, so wtf, why not share it with everyone?  After all, it is the appreciation of a nice uncut willie, that matters.
For clarity, Lucas Knowles is from Praque, and he’s got the …

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He Ain’t No Kevin Warhol

Though he certainly has that similar look, don’t ya think? 
The tattoo on the neck, that face and look, sort of reminds me of Kevin, and he does have one very nice uncut penis.  Least it looks awfully nice.

Don’t you love how the foreskin simply falls down?  I mean get up close to the screen and …

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Watch Those Scissors

Like I know some guys are neat freaks about their hair, but uh, I think I’ll keep my pubes the way they are. Ain’t no one, I mean NO ONE, getting close to my family jewels with a pair of sharp cutting tools.
But damn, look at that sausage!

You know, that’s pretty good service for a …

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Can He Come Sit On My Couch

I’ll buy a leather couch if that’ll help get him to come over for a little visit.
Hell, wouldn’t you?
Josh is certainly a hot looking blond, and damn, that basket looks awfully inviting too. I mean that little treasure trail, and that nice little bulge down near the seat cushion.
Tell me again, why is porn …

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