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Jesse Fucks Robbie

Robbie naturally takes the lead and leans in for the first lingering kiss. Jesse’s trembling lips soon relax and some very slow, sexual kissing ensues. Hands soon wander to find and fondle each other’s hardening meat through their jeans and the lust sure begins to take over! Robbie carefully frees Jesse’s big swollen cock and …

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Evan Solo

The shy demeanour of Evan masks his wild party side, and somehow I think the air of innocence is all a clever ploy. This guy’s really all about fun, and at 18 he is the perfect age to enjoy it! He describes himself as his dream guy and soon sets about proving it! But as …

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Damon Returns To Blakemason

Our Damon is back to get a servicing of epic proportions by no other than Adam! That’s right, Adam decided he needed to come “home” to BLAKEMASON and enjoy the flesh and sexual delights of some our new models. Eager to give the lovely Damon a damn good fuck, it seemed the perfect combination especially …

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Blakemason Presents Ian Solo

Even though Ian was just a little nervous (what with this being the first time he had ever jacked off in front of cameras) I can only say that he was a total joy to work with. His cock grew to its spectacular, fullest length real quick and there was Ian smiling away and eager …

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Kai and Oli

Indeed, these fellas were all over each other right from the first moment they met. Once the cameras were rolling the intense magic and awesome desire they felt for each other’s bodies just couldn’t be contained – Kai and Oli were turning in to lust-crazed guys who needed to lick and suck and kiss and …

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