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Andy O and Robbie

With rock-hard cocks, the inevitable had to happen and so begins a marathon
fuck session! Not expecting Andy to be such a demanding bottom, Robbie had to
find his pace – but quickly the guys were as one, contorting themselves into
some mind bending position ! Robbie slides his thick meat in …

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Jason Gets Blown

Finally, after all these year, I managed to get the totally straight Jason
back and persuade him to let a guy suck on his luscious big dick! For those
of you that don’t know Jason, well, he’s a regular guy with a lovable
personality and a fab uncut cock… but although we …

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Ian and Justin B

From the sensual beginnings of delicate yet yearning kissing grew heated lust
and wanton passion. The smiles, glances and eye contact became the more subtle
form of conversation – the panting, groans and moans the more obvious! As the
guys feasted on each other’s cocks and as Ian’s tongue went to work

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Ray Solo

As the heat of the day intensified Ray’s self-enjoyment became more and
more obvious. His gentle moans and panting became louder… the way he lubed
up his cock with spit became more frantic. And then he decided to let loose
and go for it! Stroking his lithe body while pounding away at …

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Jed and Matt B

In true BLAKEMASON style Jed and Matt B began this “session” with
some deep and powerful kissing – and then quickly moved on to feasting on dick!
Matt’s the most impatient to fill his mouth first but Jed’s not far behind with
his eagerness to suck cock too! And both guys manage …

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