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Damon and Terry

For those of you that have already witnessed Terry’s “innocent” yet naughty side, this film will come as a real treat. But if you missed him fucking Jake T then now’s your chance to dive in for a double helping of fun! Downright horny kissing and fondling leads to the guys tugging on each other’s …

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Billy R

So Billy’s just a little bit nervous when we started out having a chat, but his big, beaming smile and coy laughter really make you warm to the guy. But once we shut up and left him to enjoy himself he quickly finds his pace and gains full control! He wastes no time in …

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Christopher and Tommy

Things kick off very nicely indeed with some passionate kissing, touching and rolling around on the bed as the guys quickly undress each other. Tommy gets a mouthful first and expertly works Christopher’s uncut cock while receiving a thorough fingering! The roles reverse and Christopher greedily sucks Tommy until his dick is as hard as …

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Sam S

When he arrived for the shoot he was more than a little nervous. Indeed, those nerves were real evident during the short introductory chat but as the clothes are gradually peeled away, the exhibitionist in Sam slowly begins to show! He strips his boxers off and begins to massage his thick, uncut flaccid cock. Stroking …

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Nick Dancing on a Cock!

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