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Charlie Solo

Now, like most newbies, Charlie was a little nervous about what he was about to do, but during our short chat he seemed to settle down. Once we had done talking he sat back and made himself comfortable -but wasted no time at all in getting his jeans off and stroking his fat 7.5 inch …

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AJ & Dave

So after a very quick introduction from me I let them loose on one another and I don’t think I blinked until the last drop of cum had left AJ’s dick! Dave begins by working his way down AJ’s beautiful body and unsurprisingly finds an already hardening cock. He needs no encouragement and begins to …

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Dominic Solo

But let’s not forget his striking good looks and those deep brown eyes that seem to communicate all on their own…deep, passionate thoughts and the most sensual sexual desires are right there!!! In fact I felt such an overwhelming presence in front of me that I felt compelled to keep our chat short -I needed …

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