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9 Inch Hose Pipe

Taking NINE Inches!
Trevor Yates is undoubtably one of Bel Ami’s most well endowed young talent. He has a dick measuring 23 cm, which in our parliance, is just over 9 inches of uncut meat.

Not only is it long, but damn that sucker is thick looking too!  And judging by Julien’s expression, it was indeed a …

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Red Haired Scot JP

A Bonny Laddie
Look out, here comes the Scots, showing why so many need a sporin over the kilt. After all, things do pop up, and it could get embarassing. This 24 year old specimen is like the other Scots on Blake Mason…  HOT, HORNY, & INSATIABLE !
Blake Mason brings wee laddie JP to their site, with …

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Small World, Big Dicks

Blake Mason has released its new Member’s feature, called After Hours. 
This is where Blake Mason will take it’s models, and weave a story that will run through several episodic, features.  The first in the series is called Small World – Big Dicks.   (with a title like that, sounds …

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Bel Ami Bareback

Josh & Matt Bareback!
I never realized Matt Phillipe had such a hairy ass, until I saw this video of him taking Josh Elliot’s  [ more on Josh Elliot here ]cock up the ass.  And no condoms either, though the cum was on their own chests, still, a bit risky.  Though you have to admit, it …

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Top Cum Shooter

Cut Meets Uncut Winkie!
Aaron knows how to shoot his spunk, which makes you wonder, is being uncut an edge in being a shooter, versus a dribbler?

When you love cock, it shows. These two definitely love  cocks, & show it by making sure they devour every inch of skin, and even the nice full ball sacks. Course …

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