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Moving Day

Humping Big Loads
Bruno loves to do some humping, every chance he gets, even when on the job. And his mate, Edward loves to deliver a big load of cum, but only after he’s had his hole stretched and pummeled mercilessly.
A perfect working partnership, Bruno & Edward.
Oh and they do manage to get the moving done too!


Course …

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Guilt Free and Horny

Have a Wank with Luke
Just as it should be, Luke has no qualms about sex, about enjoying sex to the max.  And does he have a lot to enjoy!
Talk about a handsome looking guy, with an even tastier looking uncut dick! 
At just twenty one, with a gorgeous 7½ inch dick, Luke is a perfect specimen of the …

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Episode 7 Job Application

Ballbusting Interview
While his honey is off camping,checking out his straight bud’s dick, Aarron is busy interviewing a new employee for the bar he runs.
And his [Aarron]  interview technique is a bit, shall we say unorthodox?
Like having his applicant [Jake K.] prove his muscles & strength by man handling a barrel of beer, bare chested. Guess he wanted …

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Episode 6

Luke has this thing for one of his straight co-workers – Brez. 
Naturally going camping with him is part of Luke’s devious plan to find out just how hung is his buddy, and who knows, maybe cop a feel or better yet, see it cum.
After all, straight guys do like showing off their dicks, especially …

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Lean, Ripped, and Uncut

Superstars Make Out
Luke Hamill & Keanu Faria are a pair of Bel Ami superstars. Theyhave some impressive porn video credits, but this time they take a time out, and head off into the countryside for some time alone.
Course, that means they are looking to shag & have some intimate sex together.


IF only the secluded barns …

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