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A Bartenders Special Order Drink

And He Wants to Bulk UP?
Jayden works out, a lot, as anyone can tell. I mean look at those firm thighs, that solid frame.
Still, he wants to bulk up even more, but hell, his dick is bulky enough.  Like that uncut sucker needs a good sized fist to tame it, to make it grow and …

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Straight but Curious Was Just The Beginning

It Is Nine & Half Inches Long!
Blake Mason has over 500 videos today.  Impressive number, especially when you consider many of these include some rather sexy UK amateurs, like Jesse.

Due to the number, they are releasing some of their classics. Jesse is not old enough to be old, but damn, he’s worth seeing again….   and …

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Capturing A Twink Fantasy

Twinks Make For A Good Story
Sometimes some porn pics of sexy guys,  just leads to a bit of erotic fiction.  These two, Alfred & Erick, are a prime example.
They have inspired the short story ” Snagging His Dream “

Alfred is my favorite, and what inspired the story too.  I mean just look at him!
He’s got that …

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Something Wants To Cum Out
I do enjoy a nice uncut dick.  However, I kind of look for a bit more than whether or not they are uncut, or not.  I mean, cum on, there is more to getting a stiffy, than whether the guy is cut, or not.
There are other things, like the way they …

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Insurance Agent Fixes Plumbers Pipes

Keeping The Pipes Clear
You just need to keep that pipe clear of any build up.  After all, you don’t want it to plug up just when you might need it the most, do you?
Looks like Jed, our Plumber, and Tommy, the Insurance Salesmen, know how to make sure their pipes are clear of any obstuction.

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