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You Gotta Check Out 19yr Michal

A Face I Could Wake Up To 
Man I do love his French accent.  It is so damn alluring, as is the rest of Michal.  I mean shit, look at his face.  Tell me that isn’t adorable?  I dare ya!  
The instant I saw that look, the old noggin got to thinking about a story, centered around this sexy nineteen …

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Hung Uncut Horny and Ready

Luke Got His Wish – Clayton
Blond haired Clayton is a cutie, but you have to admit, having 8 inches of uncut meat, adds to that cuteness.  Can make you a bit nervous too, because Clayton is a TOP.
Then too, he does know how to get a guy worked up, loosened, & ready for some ‘special’ fun.  
Luke is …

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Servicing Nine Uncut Dicks

Julien is a Cum Slut
I like uncut dicks, love cum, and Bel Ami is giving me NINE UNCUT DICKS to drool over, and to see all NINE of them, blow their load, & fuck.
Does porn get any better?  (Yeah, but not often enough) 

This condom free orgy, features some sexy looking Bel Ami Boys, all of them …

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Phillipes Sweet Smile Hooked Me

Muscular Body & Big Uncut Dick 
Have to admit, that these pin up pics from Bel Ami are keeping me busy. I mean when you come across someone like Phillipe Gaudin, it gets your creative juices flowing  (and other juices) 

There are lots of porn stars, & porn star wannabees, out there with good bodies, nice dicks, etc.  So …

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Time to Start Going Hiking

Outdoor Sex Is A Thrill 
IF I had known, when a twink, that going hiking with friends, could lead to this kind of outdoor sex, well, needless to say,  I WOULD BE SKINNY TODAY.
Maybe that’s why the wife is so skinny? He does enjoy going for hikes, and even camping out too.  Hmmm, time to start tagging …

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