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Think He’s Showing He’s A Bottom

Some of these guys, have some interesting facial expressions.  That always turns me on, or at least gets me in the mood to see more.  
Thing is, I get the impression that this sexy twinkie is a bottom, looking for a hot top.
Any Willing Applicants? 

Czechboys  has provided these images of uncut beauties.

If you stand up by …

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Skinhead Ed with a Big Uncut Weenie

Think he’s labelled a skinhead because he can stretch his foreskin quickly, so that his dick head pops out?  
Whatever the reason, this guy has a big cock, with oodles of foreskin to play with.  Course, once its hard, well, then there are other things to be playing with.
Foreskin Covering 9 Inch Tool 

Hard Brit Lads  has …

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Super Twinky Suckers

Twinks are noted for many things, like being constantly horny.
Course they are also known for their voracious appetite  for sucking cock.
Never met a twink, who didn’t love to suck, and suck, and suck and…  you get the idea.
They Do More Than Suck Cock 

BoyzParty  has provided these images of uncut beauties.

Thankfully, they are also known for having an insatiable …

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Another Casting Couch Charmer

When it is Bel Ami, it fucking doesn’t take me long to start thinking of a new story.  It also doesn’t take me long to strip down and pull out my winkie, for a bit of willie whacking (Hey, it’s what the wife calls it) fun. 
I Want to be the Casting Couch 

Bel Ami Online  has …

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Matt Enjoys the Sex and It Shows

I don’t understand, why so many think sex has to be just physical, with a few grunts & groans thrown in, to make it sound hot & exciting.
Matt M certainly isn’t one of those, as this cheeky stud muffin loves to natter.
For me, it makes for a damn good bit of sex voyeurism. 
Who Says Sex …

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