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Now He Is One Sexy Little B**

As the other half says, he is one sexy beautiful boy.  Harris is definately that, & a whole lot more. I mean he is blond, blue eyed, has a tasty looking uncut dick that is over 7 inches long. Plus, it is a thick sucker ( you just know it’ll fill your ass perfectly ).
Add into …

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Rosy Cheeks and Big Uncut Cock

I am lucky, my significant other is not only a hottie, but uncut too. Did I mention he’s also got more than 7 inches of dick?  LOL    Though I’d say Blake is a bit luckier, with all the guys he finds, to come and pose for him.
Like Josh, who is just 19 but has a lovely 8 …

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He has been practising

Have to say, if you look at some of the photographs, and video, Brent S is not what I’d label as lovely.  Makes me wonder if Blake is a bit old in the tooth these days, or maybe its the air over there in Blighty.
Still, those uncut dicks are damn lovely.  lol
Hey, I do love a …

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A Twink That Will Haunt Your Sex Fantasies

That look just gets me reaching for the lube.  Honestly, that long hair, that look on his face, just makes me weak at the knees. 
To me, Jesse is a perfect twink, that just clicks. I mean from the firm looking body, to the multi colored underwear, he is a total package for me. 
Just staring at him, as he gets …

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He Looks Like A Ted

Sometimes, the name chosen for a porn model, just suits him. I mean like Ted here.
His slightly buzzed cut hair, full face and thick body, just sort of suits the name “Ted”, don’t you think?
Mind you, he reminds me more of some college jock. Perhaps a fullback or even a strong safety.  It is the eyes, …

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