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A Foreskin Exam



Kieron is a bit of a braggard.
He claims to be ‘well endowed’ in the foreskin department, so naturally you just know that claim had to be put to the test.
Like if that isn’t an opening line for some hands on experience, to make absolutely certain that he wasn’t just giving a line.
Course, I’d want that job, but …

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Straight Bad Boy for the right Price

Calvin has that bad boy look to him, and he knows it.
Straight and 21, this hunk is willing to allow you the pleasure of touching him, of tasting his uncut beauty, IF you got the right amount of cash.
He loves to make you squirm, as he isn’t into guys, but he is into making some …

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New Site Featuring Foreskin



This guy knows his foreskin, but more importantly, he knows how to photograph it. I mean come on, no having to guess what the cock looks like with all that foreskin drooped over the head.
He shows the soft cock, before it gets all taut. In other words, it is about the lovely foreskin, in all …

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Back with Some Kinky Angels


Shoot me, but I’ve been busy keeping the wife happy, and he is a demanding little bitch. Okay, so really I was off being a political junkie ‘cuz we had a federal election, BUT I AM BACK! lol


Wanna be able to get off more than once? Well I gotta say, watching these sexy darlings from Bel Ami has …

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