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Cum Facial for Frosted Tip Hottie

There is something about a guy, who frosts the tips of his hair, and is skinny but uncut.
Can’t put my finger on it, other than they usually are sexy as all fuck.  Think that could be it? LOL

Admit it, the streaked hair kind of gets your attention, don’t it?  Yeah, yeah, I know so does …

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Lets Play Ball with his please

Ya know, screw with playing ball, let’s just get down on the knees and worship at the Shrine of Uncut Penis.  
Hey, so I am in a goofy mood, who cares as long as there is a nice tasty uncut cock in the offerring, right?

Okay so he’s no twink, but damn he is well built, and …

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Can He Come Sit On My Couch

I’ll buy a leather couch if that’ll help get him to come over for a little visit.
Hell, wouldn’t you?
Josh is certainly a hot looking blond, and damn, that basket looks awfully inviting too. I mean that little treasure trail, and that nice little bulge down near the seat cushion.
Tell me again, why is porn …

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Hung Andre and Ariel without Condoms

Yep, I do like these Kinky Angels from Bel Ami.  The NEW BREED are certainly carrying on the tradition of Bel Ami boys.   Like one of my favorites, Andre Boleyn.
He’s got such a nice look to him, to go with that sexy body and oh so lovely uncut monster dick of his. Like that is really …

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Paint Ball Soldiers Victory Party

Came across this update, and I thought, fuck, how did I miss Jan Tierson?
Like was I off in some outer space world or something? He’s gorgeous, and has that certain look, that gets my mouth watering.
After all, he is a Bel Ami boy.
And damn, I love the paint ball get up. All that butch look with those …

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