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I do love a good Pin Up collection

Back when I was a teenager, I loved those posters you’d get in the various fan magazines. Hell you still can I think, but damn, I ain’t spending $6 or more for one or two posters.  Certainly not when I can blow up a picture from my collection of sexy guys, like Jack Harrer.

I know …

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Hairy but such lovely foreskin

Don’t you just start to drool, when you see a nice soft pink cockhead, surrounded by curls of skin? 
Honestly, doesn’t it give you a bit of hitch in your heart, knowing that you can do more than just suck on a throbbing cock?  After all, isn’t it the chase that makes the hunt such fun? …

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Don’t Ignore a Guy’s Kahuna’s

Damn, you have to love a good fuck, right?
All that cum, spurting out all over and I don’t know, it just sort of gets a guy in the mood for a bit of his own fun, don’t ya think?
If you ain’t part of Bel Ami, Think About it. 
Like who wants to miss out on that …

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Always a Special Event When These 3 Are Together

I kind of think that Julian Hussey is a sex pig.  Honestly, I think he loves being in the middle of a threesome, foursome, or orgy, as long as he’s the guy getting stuffed.

Now I’d have booked a ticket to that special event in Mykonos, if I’d only have known before now.  I mean come …

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Speaking of Kevin Warhol

Vintage Kevin, I’d say.
I mean check out the way he is looking at the camera. He even has Sean grinning and trying his hand at having a sort of devilish grin. A hint of naughty things to come, or so it seems to me, but hey, I am biased…  remember? LOL

 Admit it, he’s the type …

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